TinyCast - Stop Typing, Start Talking

TinyCasting is the best way to assemble and manage a modern, group conversation that can be infinitely scalable, across all locations and time zones. TinyCasting lets you create conference calls on the fly from your mobile phone. Easily send invites through your Contacts and social networks, and add Tinycasts to your Calendar with one touch. Complete refined call management controls (prioritization and muting), activity tracking, call recording and publishing gives you the world’s first “talk dashboard.”

Enhance Your Communications

Free and Secure Calls and Text Messaging Talk and Text for free with TinyDial. Our stable, carrier-grade infrastructure ensures your calls and texts are fully encrypted, and delivered reliably and securely. There’s no need to worry about counting minutes or texts and no surprises on your mobile bill.

Directory - Get Support for Anything

We’ve collected thousands of customer support contacts and put them at your fingertips, so it’s no longer hard to get help when you need it. TinyDial offers a free in- app resource to quickly find hidden customer service telephone numbers, eliminating time-wasting phone trees or the frustration of generic support bots. Let the companies who want your business speak with you about it.

TinyDial Local - Search Made Easy

TinyDial’s in-app enhanced local search feature brings favorite establishments in your vicinity directly to your mobile, eliminating websurfing or navigating other apps to find the best local restaurants, bars and shops. TinyDial Local maps the location and provides the address, phone number and distance to your location.